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OGG - Kahului
JHM - Lahaina Airport
K2H - Kihei

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Maui Island

Aloha from Maui Jeep Rentals

Yes, Jeeps are actually the most popular rental vehicle in Maui. That's one of the reasons we recommend booking early. Lock-in your discounted rate and pay later. It's a simple step that has been proven to help make for a smooth vacation. After many requests to add a second location, we now have rental locations in Lahaina, Kahului and the Maui Airport (OGG).

All rentals (2 door Jeep Wranglers and 4 door Jeep Wranglers) include free mileage. Booking your Jeep for Maui is easy. If you have some time, one of our customer service representatives can check rates for you.

Here's how the payment process works, which takes place upon returning your Jeep. Simply put, you will not pay until you are finished with your Jeep rental.

Our Jeep Rates include free mileage and often 2 additional drivers for free.

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